SMA Royal Living

About Us

We didn't find it for us,
so we created it for you

That’s essentially our story in one sentence. Crammed up hostels or cooped up PGs – not much of a choice, is it? That’s why we created SMA Royal Living – a place designed by people who’ve been in your shoes. Understand you. And are inspired by you.

You needed a place like home,
so we moved back home

For starters, this fully-furnished residence for boys has all the comforts of home you’ll leave behind when you move to the city. A professional housekeeping staff, expertly curated homely meals, high-speed wifi, and other amenities make sure that you, a student living in a new city, rarely, if ever, miss home.

Why Choose SMA Royal Living ?

Hi-Speed WIFI

Hot Water


Smart Television

Water Purifier


Washing Machine

Delicious Meals

Have Any Questions?

Feel free to get in touch with us for any queries!
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